Hello and Welcome.

I'm an aspiring romance writer and avid reader of everything - romance, mystery, women's fiction, non-fiction, the back of cereal boxes. A few years ago I finally decided to try my hand at the one thing I've always wanted to do - write.

I found a wonderful group of like-minded people at my local RWA chapter and I've been pursuing that path ever since. So, in between raising two teenage daughters and all the other demands of life, I work on my dream of publication.

I'm currently working on the first book in a series set in Silver Bay, a small coastal town on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, targeted to Super Romance. The first book is tentatively titled Secrets in Silver Bay.

And I received a request for a full from an editor at Harlequin Desire for Sabourin's Sweet Seduction. 

You can follow along as I wrestle my inner critic and my utter lack of discipline on my blog - One Word At A Time.

*A couple of recent author websites I've designed:

Paula Altenburg Michelle Helliwell       Kelly Boyce    Christi Barth

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Took part in an online pitch at eharlequin and received a full request for my Harlequin Desire.